Acting Coaching and Self-Tape Services

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Take the Stage Long Beach celebrates imagination, emotion, action, improvisation, and active listening.

We believe stage training is the strongest foundation for all performance genres; that the access to honest, grounded emotional truth and a commitment to making intentional choices benefits every singer, dancer, model, film actor, TV star, Broadway performer, and commercial spokesperson. All of that training is brought to bear in audition coaching and self-tape assistance.

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Why Study Acting?

For children and teens - stage and screen training as actors and storytellers allows them a chance to explore who they are, and to experience life - even if only for a few moments - in someone else's shoes. Empathy, encouragement, and enthusiasm are the byproducts of this training - and it is LOADS of FUN!

Active Listening and Imaginative Verb Expression brings performances ALIVE!

— Bethany Price, owner and instructor - Take the Stage Long BEach