Past Kudos, Testimonials, and News

Messages from happy parents and performers:

Thanks so much for the help with the self-tape. They just called and want to see her in person. Fingers crossed. We go in to meet the producers tomorrow! - Carrie

Courtney absolutely loves this program! Bethany is awesome! - Erica G.

Just calling to let you know that I got into OCSA! Thank you for all of the coaching and the help with the video. I can’t wait to start school! - Molly

Hi Bethany! Just contacting you to let you know that Roni was accepted to OCSA musical theatre as well as classical voice. She chose to accept musical theatre. We are so excited, and I just wanted to thank you again for helping her prepare for the audition! - Hadas

Genevieve made it to OCSA! Thank you for EVERYTHING! She went into her audition prepared! - Caroline

Thank you so much for sending this audition information to me! I wanted to follow up with you and let you know that I got cast! I am very excited! - Jisel

I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that Team Bryson is expanding!  He met with the management team we spoke about and they want to work with him!  Your coaching and continued support of his career make a big difference in how he presents in the room.  They loved the monologue you helped him choose, and I got the chance to brag about you to them a bit as well.  He's learned so much since he's been working with you and we can't thank you enough.  Looks like we'll be needing to set up some more coaching packages as hopefully he's going to have a lot more doors open to him soon.  Thanks again for all you do for Bryson and for our family.  It is so nice to have someone who is so knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and caring on our team. - Donna

Take the Stage has the best classes for kids and teens. - Suzanne

Bethany, I wanted to thank you so much for giving Arlo the confidence he needed to try out for the play! He has wanted to be on a stage since he could talk, and he has never ever felt confident enough to do anything. We never even pushed him, so when he came home begging to try out with so much excitement, it was such a huge moment for him and me! Your coaching has helped him in so many ways and I just wanted to say thank you. - A

She loves spending her Sundays with you. Grace would not be having these successes without your incredibly knowledgeable guidance and support... I had no idea it would prove so useful at her age, but Grace has used the skills learned in your stage combat class so often this past year! She really hopes you'll have another one in the near future.  - Shelly

Past Kudos and Take the Stage Student Success Stories

Thirteen members of the Take the Stage Working Pros class wrote and performed a 60-minute drama called “Expectations High” as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

School of Rock star Aidan Miner and his uber-talented sister, Delaney, dropped in for a Working Pro class June 19, the day before our own Ellee made her debut on that series. That week also saw class regular Dane Jamieson shooting two different commercials over the course of three days! Our Working Pros are working pros...

Three of our regular Working Pro students have been rockin' the Nickelodeon pilot world - with each of them moving on to immediate callbacks and auditions with directors and producers. More and more of our private coaching students are calling, texting and emailing in with news of their acceptance into the Orange County School of the Arts! April is a great month for good news!

DJ had an awesome actor day yesterday. Booked a spot on "Deadly Intent" on the Discovery Channel and got a callback for a professional production of Peter Pan performing in Alaska in April. 

Currently, Take the Stage actors are appearing on a Network television show, performing in Edinburgh at the Fringe Theatre Festival, shooting an independent feature in San Luis Obispo, performing in Shakespeare Orange County's production of Romeo and Juliet, and starring in "Kiss Me Kate" with GO-FAME in Long Beach.

So much good news! We are batting 100% for acceptance into the Orange County School of the Arts this year for our private clients! And multiple students are heading to the Academy of Performing Arts in Huntington Beach next year, as well. So proud of the hard work and dedication shown by these young performers!